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People and technology are all you need to become №1! 


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The programmers, designers, illustrators, copywriters, accountants, lawyers and quality controllers involved work remotely from different cities around the world. Part of the team works in Empire's office in Dubai's prestigious Internet City neighborhood, next door to companies such as Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Samsung.



Over 1 000 new lead'per month

Empire — is not a classic real estate agency, but an IT company, because our employees of the marketing department do not sell real estate, but work on the creation of Internet portals, make videos, illustrations, fill the sites with articles and photos.

We create a continuous flow of applications and calls for every referral. Brokers don't get bored. That's why we're looking for current strong real estate salespeople to join the Empire team. 


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There is a positive trend of rising real estate values in Dubai, which makes investment attractive.
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Group of Company "Empire" in Dubai, UAE.